Monday, 16 December 2019

Devrai Art Village @ Panchagani

If you are an art lover this is the perfect place for you.  "Devrai Art Village" situated in small hill station of Maharashtra known as Panchagani is a small place/museum where you can meet the artisans and know the art of bonded metal and stone. 
And the good thing is that you will not only see the artefacts but can also learn the procedure of designing these beautiful pieces. 
Basically, it's a non-profit initiative for the development of local adivasi artisans, situated in a beautiful landscape it's a good place to explore. 
So, if you are an art lover, interior designer or just a tourist do visit to explore some beautiful product. Have a look what you can expect there .................

For more details check:
Entry fees: There is no entry fees.
Ideal time required to visit place: 1 hr. It is better to have your own vehicle. 
What you can buy: Artefacts are also available for sale, though little higher on price side they are pretty unique and worth money you pay. You can also buy pure honey here as they have their own honey production units.
So if you want to check some off beat place ................this is one you should visit. 


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