Thursday, 15 November 2018

WH Connaught House: Live in The British Era

My love for staying in "Heritage Properties" are growing in last few months and as I am finding it more peaceful and refreshing. No formalities , less crowd , home cooked fresh food and amazing hospitality are some of the common attractions of these type of properties for me. 
In continuation with my love this time I booked WH Connaught House, Mount Abu for 3 days  for Diwali break and my experience was awesome. 
What surprised me most about this place was quietness, though this place is situated middle of the city and walking distance from main market. Even the views are just like, as you are living in the middle of the jungle. I reached there little late in the evening, after a good long drive form Ahmadabad including 25 K.M. of ghat and was welcomed by manager himself in a traditional way, including a small piece of jaggery ( Which is included in traditional welcome). After a smooth checking I was allotted room number two in the main property and what a beautiful room it was.  So have a look...😎

"My Room"

"My Room"

"Bath Room"

"My Room"

"My Room"

"Dinning Hall "Next to our room"

"Common Hall"

As it was little late, I decided to explore this property in the morning and ordered Khichdi and Kadhi and believe me , Kadhi which was served was one of the best kadhis I have till now. 
This charming English country cottage was a part of summer residence of the Chief Minister of the princely state of Marwar which has been converted in to a luxuries resort now. This beautiful English cottage is neat, compact and surrounded by lush green gardens. This is having two parts one is the main property and another is slightly renovated property and both are beautiful. In the center of the property there is a dining room and a common room with lot of sit out options across the property. You can choose according to your mood and choice. They also have huge collection of books so if you are reader its heaven for you. Book and Calmness .........what else you want.
In the morning I explored this property and some views are as follows.

"Entry of Main Cottage"

" Other Side of Our Cottage"

"Peak A Boo"

"Common Sit-out Area"

"Common Sit-out Area and Entry of Main Cottage"

After having previous night experience I was knowing that they are excellent in cooking so I tried authentic Rajasthani Thali next day......and as expected it was delicious. They offer complementary breakfast which is made to order and you can chose from a set menu. 

"Authentic Rajasthani Thali"

In an all my three days stay was pleasant and refreshing and I tried various breakfast and dinner menu and every time I was happy with the quality and test of the food. So if you are looking for a non-commercial peaceful holiday this is the place in a popular tourist destination.......believe me you will not be disappointed. You can check details on

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Explore Orchha : Evidence of Glorious India

I was quite skeptical about penning down my thoughts about this beautiful gem of central India  because of already existing  so many literatures and videos about this place. But suddenly memories of my first trip to this place when I was in fifth standard swayed me to share my experiences of this place. Well till now I have visited this place so many times and I will take you through this place based on my last trip.
Orchha is a small town situated Madhya Pradesh  and it was established by Rudra Pratap Singh around 1501. Historical Architecture , Betwa River and Temples made this place popular among locals and domestic  and international tourists.
As Orchha is situated approximately at 3 hours distance from Gwalior, we all( I think total 12 people) hopped into two separate vehicles and started our journey. In between we stopped at a very famous temple known as Pitambara Peeth,situated in a small town known as Datiya. It said that the statute changes it's appearance three times in a day.

 "Pitambara Shakti Peeth , Datiya"

"Ram Raja Temple"

After taking Goddess blessing we moved forward for Orchha, bumpy ride and hot summer weather of May really exhausted us and we finished almost all the water bottles with us. Well for love of travelling these are some small scarifies. :P . Finally we reached our destination and started exploring Orchha and our first stop was "Ram Raja Temple". Its a temple of Lord Ram with very charming story like any other sacred places in India. So if interested read more details on Its a huge campus with a typical atmosphere of any piligramge of India. You can try famous "Pedha" made of koya ( a small ball made of milk and sugar). 

Our Next stop was one of the most famous tourist attraction of Orchha , "Jahangir Mahal" and "Raja Mahal".
Grandeur, Excellent Architecture and Impeccable Artistic work will surely leave you amazed.
The automatic cooling system to keep the Mahal cool, water storage units and beautifully designed rooms for kings and queens will surely make you think about the skills of architectures of that era.

"Jahangir Mahal"

"Beautiful Architecture "

"Wall Paintings"

"Wall Paintings"

  "Entry Gate"

  "The Varanda"



              "A portrait I spotted in a Restaurant"

After that we headed for our lunch in a government restaurant known as "Betwa Retreat" . After delicious meal next were "Chatris". There are total 14 Chatris made in the memories of local kings and rulers. They are situated on the bank of Betwa river. A beautiful and clean river mesmerized us and we spent almost 2 hours on the bank of the river and in the summer, cool water was really refreshing and relaxing.




"Betwa River"

And it was almost 4:00 pm and we were ready to go back with one more memorable experience with this historical place. Though a lot of literature and information is available I hope my experience will surely help  trip to this wonderful place. So  keep smiling , keep exploring and keep travelling.

How to Reach- Easily accessible by road from near by cities such as Jhansi and Gwalior
When to Travel- November to February
What to Carry- Cap , Sunglasses, Sunscreen and water if you are travelling in Summer.
What to Buy- Metal Craft

For more details you can also visit M P Tourism Website-

Friday, 19 October 2018

Sanchi Stupa : Witness The Glorious History of Central India

Sanchi or popularly known as Sanchi Stupa is situated approximately 46 km from Bhopal and if you will look in India's Map it is situated almost middle of the country. It is very famous as Buddhist Complex and one of the oldest stone structure of India. It is said that it was built in 3rd century BCE during the era of great emperor Ashoka.
Well my memories with this great architecture are little different. As I spent my childhood in Gwalior, I use to travel a lot between Gwalior and Bhopal and in each and every trip via Indian Railways I used to be curious about spotting this structure from train, far away on a small hillock. And finally in 2010,I visited this place when my husband shown interest in visiting this place. 
So its never too late and finally during my visit to my native place I visited this place.

Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa

We hired a local taxi service and reached to this place in one and half hour from Bhopal. This place is situated in  little secluded place so do not expect any commercialization around this. This place is maintained by M.P. tourism so you have to pay some charges to entered this place. There is also a small museum here containing some some valuable treasure from India's glorious past , as I am not a very big fan of museum, was not keen to go....but my hubby insisted me and I was not having any choice 😁 , side effect of  first year of marriage 😆........................ So after 30 mins we reached to the main complex , a huge , green and well maintained complex welcomed us.

Views were spectacular and the warm winter sunlight was making is more beautiful. Sanchi is very importance and famous tourist destination of central India and now I know why. This is also famous as UNESCO world heritage site. As it is linked to Ashoka era and Budhism ,I could really feel the peace and calmness here. Beautiful and detailed architecture of pillars and famous Sanchi Gate mesmerized me and I could recall spotting these Images at so many places and recently I spotted same on new Indian currency Note of 200/- .........Have you noticed ? 


                               Sanchi Gate 

Sanchi Gate : You can also spot the famous Ashok Stambh here in Design. 

These gates are very famous and holds significance based on their direction. You can surf google a little bit if you want to know more about this.

                                Sanchi Gate 


           Wall Painting in the Complex


         A Small Temple in the Complex


                  Stories carved on Pillar

                              Sanchi Gate 

Soon I realized that what making me curious from so many years are actually worth visiting and next time my curiosity will turn into memories.
So do include this place into your itinerary if you are visiting ( Dil) heart of India.

How to Reach- Easily Accessible by Roads from Bhopal.

When to Visit- November to February , you can also visit in Monsoon . Avoid visiting in Summers. 

Duration of Visit- 3-4 hours 

What to Buy- Small curio of Ashok Stambh or pictures

For More Information Visit-

Some Special Tip- If you have full day, go little ahead and cover Bhojpur and Bhimbetka Rock Shelters ( Details Coming Soon).