Wednesday, 4 September 2019

The Roots Farm : Experience the Nature at it Best

Want to rejuvenate your self in the lap of nature during your weekends ?
Looking for some resorts near Mumbai/ Pune? ....then I have a perfect place for you.......that too very close to Mumbai.
It's known as "The Roots Farm" situated only 14 k.m. from Panvel. This place is perfect place for any type of tourits but if you love to stay close to nature this is the best place for you.         
    Check the video to take some glimpses of my  day trip to this beautiful eco-resort: 
You can also check video on :
They also offer accomodation for night stay, to know more details about tariff and booking please visit their website : 
You can also buy some organic products during your visit . So take a break from your daily hustle and bustle and enjoy a farm stay with your loved once.........

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Temples of India : Story of Shri Harihareshwar Temple

What I love most about Indian temples are that each and every temple generally has its own fascinating story and in my series of "Temples of India" next is 
"Harihareshwar Temple" situated in a town know as Harihareshwar. 
This small little quaint coastal town is situated in Raigad district of Maharashtra, India and can be perfect for your weekend destination from Mumbai or Pune. Surrounded by three hills named Harihareshwar, Harshinachal & Pushpadri this place is very famous among locals and tourist because of it's lord Shiva temple. 
There are two temples known as Kalbhairav temple and main Harihareshwar temple ,and it is believed that you should go first to Kalbhairav temple than main Shiva temple. It is said that Lord Bramha, Vishnu and Shiva with Devi Parvati manifested here because of the prayer of Rishi Agustya.
To take the pradakshina you have to go around the temple the route goes along the sea shore. Avoid doing same during high tide.
This place is also famous among locals for performing several religious rituals including last rites.
After visiting the temple spend some time on beach for witnessing the beautiful sunset .......beach is pretty clean. Do remember to taste the local cuisines such as Ukadi Che Modak ( Sweet dessert) and Sol Kadhi ( An appetizer) in you dinner.

The temple

Some Information

Temple Area
Temple Area 

Temple Area
Local delicacies " Mango Candies , Jack fruits Candies and Kokum Candies "
How to reach -Harihareshwar is situated approximately 200 K.m.from Mumbai and 170 K.m from Pune , in approximately 5 hours you can reach this place.
Days required- 2 Days , 1 night are ideal.
Best time to visit- November to February 
Where to stay- You can choose based on your budget, I recommend Tranquil Beach Resort
Tranquil Beach Resort


What to eat- Sea food, you can also try Kokum and Khas Sharbat. Do try some local food. Here local people offer food but remember to give order in advance.

Simple Veg Thali

What to buy- Cashew nuts , Kokum products , home made local products such as papad, dry chillies etc.                                                                                                           

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Jam Gate a Hidden Gem

I always feel sudden  travel discoveries are more beautiful than planned one. Same happened with me when I visited this beautiful view point known as "Jam Gate", situated approximately    30 K.m.   from Mhow. Actually here I should thank M P Tourism's efforts, I came to know about this place from one of their twitter post and as I was travelling in this part I decided to explore this point . 
This place is situated approximately  55 K.m from Indore and most important part of this journey is excellent roads..........which will make your journey much more pleasurable. 

Way to Jam Gate
After approximately of one hour twenty minutes journey a beautiful historic gate welcomed me. This structure is situated on top of the Mhow -Ankaleshwar road. It is said that during old times Ahilya Bai Holkar use to pass this gate. Geographically is the boundary/gateway of Malwa plateau.

Front View of Jam Gate
Inside the Architecture 

View from top of Jam Gate
Then I climbed up to see the breath taking views of valley and in this rainy season it was spectacular.....I hope with my lenses you can experience the beauty of this place.

View from top of Jam Gate
View from top of Jam Gate
View from top of Jam Gate

Other side of Jam Gate

View from top of Jam Gate

View from top of Jam Gate
View from top of Jam Gate
View from top of Jam Gate

View from top of Jam Gate
Cool breeze and Sun playing hide and seek with clouds made my experience more memorable and only one thing was missing some Chai and yummy food not worry if you are lucky you may get some options like Pakode , Moong Daal Pakode ( Fried snacks) , Corn and Chai ( Tea).
I had yummy local delicacy 'Moong Daal ke Pakode'.

So If you are passing through this route or staying some where close to this place do plan a Monsoon trip.......

How to travel : It is situated approximately 30 km from Mhow and 55 km from Indore ( In Madhya Pradesh) so best way to reach this place is by your own vehicle.

Time Required: 4-5 hours ( From Indore) 

Best Time to Visit: During monsoon ( Late July- September) or during sunset.

Some Tips - Drive carefully and avoid taking selfies on risky locations.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Sigiriya Rock : A Marvelous Architecture

Sri Lanka is full of astonishing sites and one such site is Sigiriya Rock, infact that was the site I was looking forward to see during my Sri Lanka visit. 
So lets explore this place........ only one advice wear good walking shoes and carry water with you as you need to walk/climb a lot. 

How to reach : Almost all the travel companies include this in their tour package so lot of options for you. You can also stay close to this site as lot of resorts/hotels available near by. 

Time required : 2-3 hours.

Best time to visit : Plan your trip after 3:00 pm , so can witness splendid sunset. 

If you are looking for more details related to planning your trip in Sri Lanka do check my blog

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Český Krumlov : Walking Tour With Me :)

Český Krumlov is a small little  town situated in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Visit to this place is just like visiting a set of fairy-tale movie.............I really cannot explain the beauty of this place in any words so decided to take you with me on the heritage walk of this town........then decide yourself ..I am right or wrong........

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Top 10 things to eat when you are in Eastern Europe : Bon Appétit

Planning a trip to Europe ( Eastern Europe )  ?
Thinking about food ? Specially if you are Vegetarian /Eggetarian like me .
Do not know what to eat ?
So here I am presenting a small food guide based on my personal favourite.....make sure you do not miss any when you are there ...

1. Pizza 
Open air restaurants are very common in Europe and specially in summers when it's not raining. So do try some authentic local pizzas , pastas and  bruschetta with local cheese .You will love the taste of fresh vegetables and herbs and most important if you are vegetarian you too have options. Do do not forget to have a glass of wine with it.

2.  Chimney Cake
Next in the list is Chimney cake , a sour and sweet cake in a hollow cylindrical shape is available in so many flavors and will surely treat your taste buds. I strongly recommend the traditional Vanilla /Cinnamon flavor. One more variety includes trdelnik ice-cream...

Chimney Cake

 Trdelnik ice-cream

3. Fresh Fruits /Shakes/ Smoothies 
If you are vegetarian and looking for some refreshing , healthy and organic fruits then this is the best place to have some local fruits and detoxify your self.  Again a wonderful option for vegan too.

Fresh Fruits / Shakes/ Smoothies 
4. French Fries 
I know ..i know.....this is not something new but believe me when it's raining and outside temperature is super cool..........this is the best thing you can have ....A hot cone of french fries.

French Fries 
5. Pastries /Cakes
This is the one food which will not only satisfy your taste buds but eyes too :).........Have a bite of one or two or three..........or as many as you can .....Yummy.........

Pastries /Cakes

6. Lángos 
Lángos is a Hungarian food specialty, a deep fried dough topped with sour cream , cheese and different sauces. High on calories but high on taste too as well it is pocket friendly.


7. Sacher-Torte 
Sachertorte is a specific type of chocolate cake invented by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832 and he invented this for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria. This is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties and a must have for chocolate lover but may heavy on your stomach and pocket too. 

8. Chocolates
Well chocolate and Europe is inseparable and you will get huge varieties so try as many as you can and pack as much as you among all I found this is super cute and delicious......So pack some for you and your friends. 

Salzburg Chocolate
9.  Apple Strudel 
One more traditional Viennese strudel is Apple Strudel, it's type of pastry and taste close to apple pie. You can find it in may European countries but Salzburg is one of the best place to have it.

 Apple Strudel 
10. Pretzel
If I do not talk about it my list will be incomplete, it's baked bread product made from dough and  shaped into a twisted knot. You can find those in small road side shops in a pocket friendly way. 


Vienna Coffee 

So after such heavy food having a cup of "Coffee" is must.................
Vienna Coffee is a cream-based coffee beverage ,made by preparing two shots of strong black espresso and whipped cream.............

So do not miss these on your trip to Eastern Europe..... have lots of calories and enjoy the local food.....Yummilicious.......

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Visit Pohari Ganpati To Full Fill All Your Desires #Temples of India

India is a land of "Temples", you can find temples at each and every corner and what amazed me most is story /legend behind it. Whenever I visit any famous temple I am always curious about the story/legend behind it. So I decided to uncover these stories/legends for all of you. In the series  named #Temples of India ,I have already written about Golu Temple in Uttarakhand and next is Pohari Temple in Madhya Pradesh... 
This beautiful and more than 200 years old Lord Ganesh temple known as 'Pohari Ganesh Temple' is situated in approximately 35 k.m. from Shivpuri and approximately 160 k.m. from Gwalior ( City of Madhya Pradesh). It had been constructed during Scindia Dynasty. I visited this temple once when I was in my school.

So what so special about this temple..... ?

It is said that taking blessings of this temple full fill all your wishes and specifically wish of getting  desired bride or just have to keep a coconut as a offering... and once your wish comes true come back and collect coconut as 'Prasad'.
Here you can witness regular devotees as well as devotees coming back to pay their gratitude once their wishes come true.
This temple is very famous among locals and slowly becoming very popular among other sate as well as international devotees. You can witness more crowd on Wednesday and during auspicious days of Ganesh Chaturthi. 

Lord Ganesha 
On the way to Pohari
Pohari Temple

Offerings as Coconut

Complex Next to Temple

Complex Next to Temple

School in Pohari

Complex next to Temple

Complex next to Temple

Best Time to Visit : September to Febuaray 

How to Reach: Hire a private vechile from Shivpuri or Gwalior

Things to Do: Take blessings of Lord Ganesha and explore surroundings . If you have time you can explore some places in Shivpuri..for details click here.

Time required to reach: From Gwalior it takes approximately 3 hours one way.

So if you desire for a perfect bride or groom or not visit this old beautiful temple and take blessings from Lord Ganesha.
So happy travelling and keep exploring.........

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