Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Royal Stay in Rajasthan.....? No no its in Karnataka......

India is land of palaces and forts and each and every state has its own flavour in it. As one side Rajasthan's Royalty grabbing most of the tourist attraction, we also have so many other royal properties which are ready to give us a "Royal Feel" . One such property is 'Shivavilas Palace Heritage Hotel' situated near Hampi in Sandur , Karnataka. 

Luxury , Peace and Great Hospitality , these three words can define this hidden gem.

If you are planning a trip to Hampi and want to feel that era then stay is this beutiful property is must.
This is Sandur's royal family residence which has been converted into a beautiful luxury resort ,where you can feel the royalty and grandeur of Gorpade family.

This palace is situated in Sandur which is 35-40 minutes drive form Hampi. Well maintained garden , private museum, a wonderful collection of cars, quaint temple and simplicity of this place will surely make your stay memorable. What I liked most about this property were two things humble hospitality and decor' of each and every room. Each and every room was decorated differently with huge bathroom, soft lights and  all modern amenities. Simple but tasty food added in the simplicity of the this resort.
A good collection of books was able to motivated even me, to read some books. Night was even more quite and mysterious and nocturnal nature sounds made it more mysterious and that was the time when I was able to here my own breathing.........what a magical night it was.

Next day another part of hotel was able to mesmerize me,it was their pool room. Which was full of taxidermy of various animals , at one point I was scared and at another point I was amazed. Breezy verandas with little warmth of december Sun was making the morning very comfortable.
As trying cycling took me few years back, silence , chirping of birds,  cool breeze and every hour striking clock took me almost 40 years back and I could feel that how life would have been 40-50 years back. 
As I was enjoying the royalty in my imagination, suddenly my vehicle honked and I came back in reality...and it was the time to go back with royal memories.

So if you want to experience an extra ordinary hospitality do visit this imperial resort.

Some Tips Before you Venture this Beautiful Property-

1. Book your room in advance.
2. Make sure you reach this place before it turns dark as approaching roads are not in very good conditions ( lack of lights , as I was travelling from Maharashtra Side)
3. Carry light woolens with you if you are travelling in winters.
4. As it is situated in little secluded place you have to depend on resort for food , so if you are having any allergy or your kids need some specific food , make sure you carry that with you. Though they take care of your personal choices.
5. Having private vehicle is most suitable option for reaching this place.

So Keep Smiling and Happy Royal Traveling. 

Friday, 7 September 2018

Planning a Trip to Ganpatipule: Then Do Check this

Hello Friends ............Coming Soon with Vlogs :) 
Till then Enjoy a Beautiful Video Made by my Wonderful Management Students. 
All  credits goes to them :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Bollywood Destination: Light, Camera and Travel

Bollywood .........Movies and Imagination, of-course all goes together.......and what binds all three together is our love for Bollywood movies. I am sure this glamorous world would have taken us in to the world of imagination so may times. Most of us want to talk, dress and eat like our favorite bollywood star and some time they are our role model too. I bet that if you love Indian movies, at least once you would have thought about singing on Alps in chiffon saree, or going on a trip to Spain or Goa with your friends. This world is so magical...........any one can be so Highhhh........well now the question comes why a travel geek is talking about it. Am I a  travel geek or a movie lover ? 😉
And how it sounds if I can be both...so here I am combining my two love by sharing some of my thoughts.

So first I will take you to my childhood. Since my childhood I imagined Mumbai, as one of the most fascinating city in the world and Mumbai’s Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Marine Drive were my dream destinations as shown in most of the old movies. Moving forward beautiful Kashmir Valley and Wonderful Switzerland have became my next target and slowly with time I was able to visit my dream destinations. I took the snap on Mount Titlis where "Raj and Simran" sang a song and clicked my feet too posing on Marine drive, just like Sid from Wake up Sid. Well I am sure you too have done similar things :) ...........or should i say still doing. So I thought why not to help you in this by sharing some not so common destination details.

I am sure you must know about some of the famous movies shot in various famous destinations in India such as Dil Chahta Hai and Golmaal (new) in Goa, 3 Idiots in Ladakh's Pangong Lake, Ye Jawani Hai Diwani in Manali and many many more in Kashmir. But with these famous places we also have some wonderful hidden destinations...........which have been used in various movies.

I will start with movie named “Guru”, which has been shot in various locations in India and one such location is Badami in Karnataka. Some shots of the movie including one song have been shot in “Badami Caves”. And now these beautiful caves carved in rocks are slowly becoming very famous. Another song from same movie called "Barso re Megha" is also shot in some near by location in Karnataka.

                "Scene of Movie when Abhishek Bachhan Comes from Turkey and Meet his Friend has been Shot in Badami Caves"

 "Song in Movie, shot in Badami Caves"

Next is a near by destination known as “Hampi”, which suddenly started gaining tourist attraction in last few years. One famous song “Dhaong Dhaong" featuring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha has picturised here. A  Marathi movie name “Hampi” has been shot here and the theme of the movie revolves around this beautiful historic city.

 " Scene from Marathi Movie "Hampi"

     " Scene from Marathi Movie "Hampi"

Song Dhadang from Movie "Rowdy Rathore"

Continuing the love of choosing exotic locations for songs by Indian directors, one super hit song "Su Che Su Che" from movie named "What's Your Rashi" has been shot in ShivVilas Palace in Jaipur., which is a luxury theme resort location on Delhi Jaipur Highway.

Song " Su che Su che"

Next is another less known destination, known as city of lakes “Bhopal”. A major portion of movie has been shot close to Bhopal and in Bhopal and one such scene is when Katrina kaif meets Ranbir Kapoor first time in movie. This has been shot close to Badi Lake.

" Scene form movie Raajneeti"

Next we move to Gujarat where you might have seen the hint of Gujarati Culture, Food and Dress in lots of movies. With this lots of places have been used for shooting and one such place is “Rann of Kuch” e.g. Song "Sari Ke Fall Se " has been shot in Rann of Kuch.

Song from Movie "R.......Rajkumar"

Last but not the least is one of my favorite movie "Vivah". Some part of the movie has been shot in quaint villages of Uttarakhand ,including Bageshwar Temples and Golu Temple. In movie the place is called as Somsarovar.

"Movie Scene Shot in Bageshwar Temple"

"Movie Scene Shot in Bageshwar Temple"

 "Movie Scene Shot in Golu Mandir"

So that's all for this blog friends, coming soon with more discoveries. Till then go and visit these places and send me your beautiful snaps. For more information about these places do stick to my blog and follow me. Information about Hampi and Badami is already posted in my previous blogs. Special blog on Uttarakhand and Bhopal is coming soon. Till now if you have any queries please drop your queries. 

Till than Happy Travelling :)

Disclaimer: Views presented here are personal and based on observation. All the screen shots of scene of movies are taken from you tube.