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Lothal : Harappan Port Town of India

I think I started studying history from 6th standard and since then I was very attracted to a particular picture from my history was something like this.↓ 

So finally in the search of origin of this picture I reached  Lothal , A Harappan Port Town of India , currently situated in Gujarat. 
Wait!!!.. Before telling more about this place one suggestion ...if you are not at all aware about Indus Valley read about it and then visit .......otherwise this place will not interest you.

Lothal was one of the southernmost cities of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, which is currently situated in Gujarat state in India. Lothal was excavated from 1955 to 1960 by the Archaeological Survey of India. 
Because of it's strategic location and connectivity with river, it was a very important and thriving trade centre of ancient times, and was very popular for trade of beads, gems and other valuable ornaments. A small museum situated here gives you enough evidences to believe this interpretations. You can also find many excavated structures describing the history of one of the oldest civilization. 
To understand more about this civilization authorities do play a small documentary in the museum which you can see. It's a pretty well maintained site by authorities. So have a look what you can see here :

Actual Site 

Earlier Structure : ( Interpretation )

Excavated Site : Ware House

Excavated Site

Excavated Site

Excavated Site

Excavated Site




The Most Famous Seals of Harappan Civilization -Finally I found the origin of that picture :)

Museum : Animal Figurines 

Museum Entry

For more details check

How to reach : This place is situated 126 K.m. from Vadodara and 76 K.m. from Ahmendabad. You can reach here by your own vehicle  or hiring a car.

Entry fees ( For Museum): 5/- per person. Children below 15 years are exempted. Do remember it is closed on Friday. Other days it is open from 10:00 am to 5 p.m. 

Ideal time required to visit place: 1 hr. 
It is highly recommended to have your own vehicle and better to visit in winter season ( specially December and January ).

What you can buy: Not any shops to buy but you can find a small stall selling some stone jewelleries and curios which I found very attractive in price. There is a counter in the museum for sale of Department Publications. 

Do remember to carry your own water and food items ( you may find limited or no options here) and do not eat inside the museum / excavated sites and keep the site clean. Use GPS to reach this location though you may see some sign boards. 

So if you are a history buff .............this is one you should visit.

Monday, 16 December 2019

Devrai Art Village @ Panchagani

If you are an art lover this is the perfect place for you.  "Devrai Art Village" situated in small hill station of Maharashtra known as Panchagani is a small place/museum where you can meet the artisans and know the art of bonded metal and stone. 
And the good thing is that you will not only see the artefacts but can also learn the procedure of designing these beautiful pieces. 
Basically, it's a non-profit initiative for the development of local adivasi artisans, situated in a beautiful landscape it's a good place to explore. 
So, if you are an art lover, interior designer or just a tourist do visit to explore some beautiful product. Have a look what you can expect there .................

For more details check:
Entry fees: There is no entry fees.
Ideal time required to visit place: 1 hr. It is better to have your own vehicle. 
What you can buy: Artefacts are also available for sale, though little higher on price side they are pretty unique and worth money you pay. You can also buy pure honey here as they have their own honey production units.
So if you want to check some off beat place ................this is one you should visit. 

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Cavalry Tank Museum : Only Museum of its kind in Asia

Some times unplanned discoveries are more wonderful than planned one such discovery was during my recent trip to Ahmednagar... Cavalry Tank Museum. A wonderful and well maintained museum is a must see if you are planning a trip to this city. It's a Military museum situated in Ahmednagar in the state of Maharashtra, India. This museum was established in February 1994 by the Armored Corps Centre and School and it is one of it's kind in whole Asia. This museum has collection of about 50 plus exhibits of vintage armored fighting vehicles.The oldest exhibit is the silver Ghost Rolls-Royce Armoured Car.  A large number of vehicles are from Second World War period but also have some from first world war. They also have three halls ( Exhibition) known as Memory Hall-1 , 2 and Exhibition, telling the story of our brave soldiers and their scarifies for our mother land.
This museum is excellently maintained by military and you have to pay nominal entry fees to see. With this beautiful exhibition you can also spot some amazing flora and funa as it's open air museum. They also have a small play zone for kids with some animals and birds. You can buy some referement here.
So go and see this one of it's kind museum and if you have kids then it's must. 

For more sneak peak check the video↑↑↑

Entry Ticket : 20/- for Adults , 10 /- for kids

Location : Iwale Nagar, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra 414001 to check on google map click here.

Time Required : 1-2 hours

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Ramoji Film City : A Filmy Experience

"Ramoji Film City" A place which I wanted to visit for long.........and yes my wait was worth..truely a amazing place and reminded me of grandeur of Indian film have a look of this beautiful theme park ...I am sure you might have spotted these places in many bollywood movies.......Such as :
1. Dirty Picture
2. Chennai Express
3. Cocktail
4. Baahubali
5. Badshah
6. Golmal-4
7. Yamla Pagla Deewana: Phir Se
and so many other hindi and telgu films..
What I love most about this place is that it is not just the collection of sets of movies but also provide you other entertainment options such as Butter fly park , live shows , bird park , kids zone check out what all you can see here and also keep guessing in which movies you spotted these places.
And do not miss most attractive segment known as Mahismati Kingdom - A new attraction .Here you can enjoy the grandeur of Baahubali during my visit this place was not opened , I do not have pictures of same but heard a lot about it from my friends. 

Princess Street


Bhagavatam Hall- A Mythological set

Train Station- You might have spotted in so many movies including Chennai Express

Central Jail

Princess Street

Angel Fountain

Sanctuary Garden

Hawa Mahal

Garden Area

Japanese Garden
Askari Garden Set




Movie Magic

Bikaner ki Galiya

Manicured lawns of the Mughal Garden

Butterfly Park

Inside one ride

Exotic Bird Park

Sun Fountain Garden

So my verdict is it's complete package .....make sure you visit atleast once and be ready to walk a lot and keep lot of time..................

How to reach : It take about 02:47 hours to reach Ramoji Film City from Hyderabad. You can travel here by bus ( regular bus service is provided by Ramoji film city, check website for more details) as well as by your own vechile.

Time required: Atleast one whole day. I covered in one day but if you want to stay near by you can also book your stay. Find details on :

Entry fees:Check updated details on :

For more details click :

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