12 Lip Smacking Dishes From Indore Sarafa: Things To Eat Before You Die

Well if you are a foodie and miss Indore Sarafa Bazar then you are really missing one of the
best food in the world. So at least once in your life time do visit Indore Sarafa Bazar and if you 

are visiting do try these 12 dishes.

Sarafa Bazar is a place in Indore famous for its night food market which opens at 9:00 o'clock
in the night and runs till late night while in the morning, this the market where gold and silver
treading happens. 
You can easily reach this place by auto rickshaw. So if you are visiting this place following are
the must try-
1. Khobara Pattice/ Batala Pattice ( Vijay Chaat House)
Very first is Pattice of Vijay Chaat House, one of my favorite and believe me the test of delicious

Pattice will linger on your tongue for a long time. This place is situated at the entry of main
lane and one thing about this shop is this opens in the morning so make sure you reach on time
as this is the only shop which closes around 10:00 p.m. Cost of Pattice is 16/-/piece.

2. Garadu
Second most…

Janjira Fort: Standing Strong for Ages

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Bhojeshwar: Story of An Incomplete Temple

Bhojeshwar temple is situated in Bhojpur, a small and historic town in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh, on bank of Betwa river. This place attracted me very much in my first visit and most fascinating part of this historical site which I remember was the big "Shivalinga". So decided to re-visit this place after so many years. This town took its name from king Bhoja (reg. c. 1000–1055 CE), one of the most celebrated ruler of the Paramāra dynasty and lot of architectural constructions are the evidences of rich history of Raja Bhoj era. Out of those most famous is Bhojeshwar temple which is having one of the largest liṅga-s in India, measuring 5.5 m (18 ft) tall and 2.3 m (7.5 ft) in circumference. Another fascinating fact about this structure is that it is crafted out from a single rock. With the big structure you can also spot the incomplete but beautiful structures surrounding the temple. Why it is incomplete it still not clearly known.  The building is under the protection o…

Madhya Pradesh is having it's own Island,where you can enjoy water sports

We all might have seen the cute and creative M.P. tourism advertisements on T.V. and might have been visited and planned trips of M.P. in last few years , but most of us are still unaware about a beautiful Island of Madhya Pradesh known as Hanuwantiya Tapu . This place is situated on Indira Sagar Dam which has been developed in beautiful tourist location in last few years and it is popularly known as Tourist Complex Hanuwantiya.

With this from last two years this place was also hosting one of the biggest water carnival in India known as Jal Mahotsav ( currently non-functional). So if you are travelling in the months of December or January do check website for current status.
But in my thought Jal Mahotsav going on or not this place need to be experienced , at least for one night.
Where is Hanuwantiya
It is situated on Indira Sagar Dam of Madhya Pradesh and Khandwa is the nearest railway junction, while Indore is approximately 80 K.m. from this place, which is nearest airport from Hanuwant…