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Top 10 Must Have Smart Gadgets to Make You A Fit and Smart Traveler #GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution

Travelling is an integral part of everyone's life and some times it also helps in boosting our mental health such as, if we are travelling for holidaying or detox purpose. Whatever is your purpose I herd people complaining about missing their fitness regime during travelling because of various reasons such as I didn't get time, I was on leave or I didn't want to get up early morning amd one very common, gym was not available. Finally most of the traveller ended up feeling full and heavy after binging themselves with local food delicacies

So what you should do.....should give fitness a toss while you are travelling ?..........should look chubby in your holiday pictures?.........or should be on diet during no.....not at all. 
So here are some smart solutions for you to make you a fitter traveler :) 

Following are the top 10 must have smart gadgets for a traveler.

Smart wearable is a must have for all travelers as it work as watch, mobile phone, camera, storage device, navigator and with this also keep a count of your calories. So choose a smart watch having full features. What I like most about smart watch is, it doesn't occupy any space in our bags.

You might be tracking or might be attending some business meetings or enjoying wedding during your travel, at-least 15-20 minutes/per day cardio is  must for you. So skipping rope is the best solution, which it very small and light weight for your bags and you can do it in your room or in the garden. Even you can keep a count of your skipping with smarter versions.

3. Resistance Band

After heart next is muscles and this portable exercise equipment is the best for it. Resistance bands can be easily store in your bag pack, making it perfect for travel gym. These bands can be used as a complete full-body workout and will help in strengthen muscle group in your body. So no more body pain while travelling.

4. Smart Head Phones

Keep a pair of Bluetooth enabled headphones with you so you can enjoy music any time . Pair with your mobile phone or smart watch and if you are planning jog around on a beach or terrace garden then it is better than Bluetooth speaker. Choose a one fitting your budget.

5. Mobile Holders

Have a mobile holder , based on your requirements such as for navigation or for photography. Go for smart 360 degree rotation option to give you a better shot.

Carrying water bottle is nothing unusual but carrying Infuser water bottle or water purifier bottle is there are two choices for you . If you think you will get pure water during your travel go with infuser so you can make your own detox water by just adding some local herbs/greens/fruits and if not sure about the water quality, go for water purifier bottle. These will not only keep you healthy but also  the environment  by reducing plastic waste of used water bottles. 

7.Portable  Power Bank

Technology is an integral part of our life so in our travel, so keep a portable power bank with you and  forget the draining of your electronic devices . Go for branded and safe power banks.

Travelling across world ? then these adopters are must to keep you and your electronic devices fully charged all time.

Looking for soothing music during your yoga session or gym track during your exercise session ,these Bluetooth speakers will keep you on your toes. And if your are with family these are must for a night party on a beach or during campfire.
Opt for a portable and good quality speaker which is compatible with your phone and or smart watch.

A small little torch was always  our  travel partner since ages but this is the time to go for smart potable lights. You might be on a jungle track or may face some power cut in a hotel room, these will be useful.

Other recommendations  for keeping you fit are Protein Supplements  and Yoga Mat. Relishing on local cuisines or drinking lot of tea or coffee during business meetings, may take a toll on your daily protein supplement so opt for small sachets of protein power/ supplements depending on number of days of travel. You can also opt for protein bars.  Yoga Mat is also one essential, if you want to do yoga or just want to do simple push ups, this is must have. So just roll it up and keep it in your bag.

So lets become a smart and a fitter traveler and NM give it a try..........#GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution

You can by these gadgets/products from one of India's most popular online website Flipkart.

Disclaimer: Picture courtesy  Flipkart.


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